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11The Rising Woman
Reclaim your power, desires, and
take radical responsibility for your life.

Your rebirth has already begun

You’re at a pivotal moment in your life where you feel that a fundamental shift in how you live your life is about to take place

You have 2 options: remain in the patterns of your suffering OR take a leap towards your personal evolution.

If you’re here, it means your soul is ready to let go of what no longer supports you and you’re getting yourself mentally prepared to allow the real you to emerge.

Trust me, there is nothing more frightening than being stuck in the same unhealthy place and people-pleasing state of mind that you’ve already spent too much time in.

You’re ready to grow and change your fucking life.

To rebirth.

The Rising Woman is a 10-week rebirth journey to hold space for your deepest truths and darkest shadows to surface so you can transmute them to heal and soar like a phoenix from the ashes of your past.

This next season of your life requires new levels of courage, confidence & consistency.

Fears will no longer be able to hold you back. 

You’re ready and you know to your very core that you deserve this transformation — this liberation

Let’s fucking do this. 

11The Rising Woman
11The Rising Woman
the rising woman is here to help you...
  • Reconnect with yourself. Get to know who you are once you stop putting everyone else 1st.
  • Trust your intuition and learn how to decipher the synchronicities and symbols — infinite aha-moments guaranteed.
  • Feel confident in the choices you make. That’s right, no more staying in stale and unfulfilling relationships or jobs.
  • Navigate shadow work so that you can gain clarity on what’s been holding you back and keeping you stuck. It’s time to break those patterns!
  • Build an incredible set of tools that will help you navigate through whatever challenges life throws your way.
  • Take ownership of your desires and start taking aligned action towards it. (Don’t worry, I’ll break it down into actionable steps.)
a taste of the magic experienced by our alumni

"I completely reprogramed my outlook on life. I had no idea that I would look my shadows in the face and learn to love them because of what they've been able to teach me."

"I now give myself credit AND the permission to rest, to dream, and to listen to myself."

What you will be experiencing

A 10-week transformative journey
1 — Foundations & Life Analysis

Get real with your life as a whole so you can clearly see and better evaluate what aspects have been asking you to grow. Build the necessary foundations to set yourself up for growth and success.

2 — Connection to the Divine

Meet and anchor into the divine within you so you can remember how powerful, sovereign you truly are once you get out of your own way.

3 — Intuitive Development

Learn how to connect to your intuition on demand and cultivate trust with the little voice inside of your head and the universe at large. 

4 — Pattern Analysis

Take a step back and shift your perspective from one of victimisation to empowerment. Get to the roots to begin understanding how they’re connected to what’s currently happening in your life.

5 — Shadow Work: Release the Unnecessary

Long-term change is created not by tending to the surface issues, but by going directly to the root. Access the subconscious and release what is no longer serving you to make room for what you truly deserve in your life.

6 — Shadow Work: Inner-Child Healing

Dive a little deeper to do some time travelling to support your younger self and tie up those loose ends that are connected to your current life’s events so you can finally break the loop.

7 — Self Love & Integration

Seal the shadow work with a week of deep love and self-care practices, along with a complementary distance energy healing session with Reiki Master, Lisa Curtis.

8 — Visioning the Future

Connect to your future self so you can embody her learned lessons and wisdom, and get a taste of the life you have the opportunity to live.

9 — Intuitive Visionary

Deepen your connection to your intuition to receive mystic insights and visions of what’s to come. 

10 — Manifestation 101

Learn about and embody the foundations of manifestation techniques so you can take actionable steps towards magnetising your deepest desires into your physical reality.

We rise, together.

I’m committed to creating a safe and supportive space for you throughout the program.

Here’s what to expect:

1️⃣ An intimate 10 week program with weekly 2-hour group calls
2️⃣ Private community for members on Telegram
3️⃣ Energetic practices & supportive tools to empower you
4️⃣ A complementary distance Reiki healing session with Lisa Curtis ($80 value)
⭐️ Lifetime access to Awaken & Align guide ($55 value)

Important details
  • Only 6 spots available.
  • Doors are open for enrollment until Friday, September 30, 2022 at 11:59PM EST. 
  • Program begins first week of October. We will unanimously select the best weekly day/time to accommodate everyone’s schedules. 
  • Weekly video calls take place via Zoom. 
  • Recordings will be available. 
11The Rising Woman
Humble brags

Alumni sharing their aha moments

“If you want to get in touch with who you are at your core, if you want to start moving through your life free, and light, and in line with what you really want… this program is for you.”

— Camellia S.

“I now feel like I have an incredible set of tools to navigate the next steps in my life. […] It’s magic. And there’s not really any other words to describe it.”

— Melissa

This program with Rebecca helped me “free myself from everything I had integrated from my childhood that was no longer serving me — and that was major.”

— Fanny

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more magic experienced by our alumni

"I'm attracting people aligned with my new beliefs. I finally feel at peace."

"I got into university, I'm moving to a better home AND my career is starting to take off."

"I take radical care of myself — It's no longer an option."

11The Rising Woman

Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your past.

Looking for one-on-one support?

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