111:1 Spiritual Guidance
111:1 Spiritual Guidance
Holding space for your growth & expansion.

When life gets hard, stagnant, or claustrophobic, it’s the universe calling on us for transformation.

With the right support and intention, you can transform your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

It’s impossible to change or erase our past, but we can heal our wounds and traumas so that we can find joy, peace, and freedom within ourselves today.

Our unhealed wounds from years ago manifested undesirable situations, toxic environments, shitty jobs, health issues, and manipulative relationships, in an attempt to get our attention. Unfortunately we’re often taught to view the events in our life from a superficial perspective, which causes us to miss all of the wisdom that lies just below the surface.

By further procrastinating the healing process, you’re encouraging the universe to escalate its manifestations to make you even more uncomfortable — I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. The sooner you start doing your shadow work, the sooner you can live free from daily triggers, negative energies, and burnout.

111:1 Spiritual Guidance
I will guide you to tune into
your intuition so you can:
  • Get clear on what your desire. That’s right, YOUR desires. Not what your family, partner or friends want.
  • Access deeper realms of self-healing through spiritual practices.
  • Trust your decisions — despite fear and self-doubt that might creep up.
  • Step into your power by taking aligned action steps and setting loving boundaries.
  • Manifest the life you’ve always wanted.
humble brags

A taste of the magic
past clients have experienced

11Martina Buchal

“Rebecca’s support is something I rely on for insight, grounding and direction. More than just a nudge in the right direction, it always helps me reconnect with my own inner resources, positivity and strength, empowering me to be the best version of myself. She’s opened up a connection to my inner self and the universe at large that I can’t thank her enough for.”

— Martina B.

“I can honestly say that working with Rebecca has changed me. It’s helped me shed the old habits and beliefs that kept sabotaging me. Even though I know that life’s a work in progress, the work we’ve done together has put me in a much better place with newfound awareness and new beliefs about myself.

— M.
11Jessica D.

“Working with Rebecca gave me the tools, structure and discipline to seek deeper within myself. I learned how to untangle old thoughts, patterns and habits and turn them into strength and confidence. Rebecca’s coaching has been pivotal in helping me understand and see all the unnecessary weight I’d been dragging around for so long.”

— Jessica D.

Do you feel like you are
meant for more?

That there is something greater for you in this life?

When you commit to your growth, you’ll witness the magic of deep soul work. You’ll begin attracting loving, supportive, and trustworthy relationships into your lives, a stable career that you’re passionate about, a healthy mind and body free of dis-ease, and a renewed vitality and vigor for waking up each day.

Ready to experience
the magic?

I’m committed to creating a safe and supportive space for you throughout our time together.

I offer 60-minute private coaching video calls in packages of 8 or 12 sessions.

If you’re interested in working with me long-term, there is a short and simple application process.

No matter what area of your life is waning, rest assured I have the spiritual rituals and tools to support you through your journey.

What would it feel like to
trust yourself?

To finally make decisions
that align with your heart
even though it's scary as hell?