Reclaim the intuitive woman within,
to see with clarity, speak with confidence,
and stand in trust.

Access the empowered oracle within — the you that has the answers that you've been searching for.

What would your life look like if you fully, deeply trusted yourself?

Feel into that for a moment.

Imagine feeling so confident in yourself that any fears of making the ‘wrong’ decision disappears.

Imagine being so free that you feel safe enough to share your visions, intuitive nudges, feelings & thoughts openly and unapologetically with the world. No more hiding your truth.

Imagine finding peace during a phase of confusion and chaos — like you’re in the eye of the storm and feeling so solid and sure that it’s all happening FOR you.

Or imagine being so in flow that you effortlessly magnetize aligned opportunities and people into your world.

So, what life would you be living if you truly owned the power of your intuition?

I want you know it’s totally possible for you to live this AND feel a sense of peace and freedom.

You’re in the right place at the right time.

The universe guided you here.

Oracle is your opportunity to tap into your magic

This 8-week journey is to reclaim your power as a woman so you can finally stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and navigate big life decisions with clarity.

I know what you’re capable of and I know you’re ready to stop watching life pass you by as you wait for others to guide you. No more playing small — it’s time to reconnect to your intuition and own that YOU are an oracle.

Why I created Oracle

I vividly remember the years (tbh, decades) in my life where I constantly looked to others for reassurance on whether or not I was making the “right” decision.

I was scared of making a mistake — so scared that I just stayed in mediocre situations (like an unfulfilling job and dead-end relationships) because I was terrified of taking steps into unfamiliar territory. So I stayed put, stayed silent, and did what a good girl was ‘supposed’ to do.

But my mind was relentless

Do I stay living in the city of Montreal even though I know I’m unhappy here? Do I attend this class that I’m curious about? Do I get a large breed dog even though I live in a small condo and I don’t have a partner to help me raise & train him? What should I order at this restaurant? Should I shave my head? What if I look like a boy? Should I quit my job? What should I wear today? Do I start this project I’ve been thinking about for years?

And it goes on and on and on…

Often while in this space of indecision (and inaction) I would be so anxious that I lost a lot of sleep, felt like I wasted so much time, and above all, I doubted my heart, my intuition, and my truth.

I didn’t trust that I could make the right decision for myself. I looked to others for approval on what they believed I should do. I gave away my power on a daily basis and was constantly second-guessing myself.

Until I just kept finding myself in a rut, feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and disconnected from my joy.

And so my journey towards reclaiming the power of my intuition begun at the ripe age of 24.

It's time to choose YOU.

Now, almost 10 years later, I’m co-creating a life filled with magic every step of the way. I had the courage to leave stagnant loopy relationships, quit my day-job, reroot in the jungles of Costa Rica with my dog and pursue my path of being a psychic medium & spiritual mentor full time.

The universe is my right-hand woman, and I’ve been diligently mastering her language of signs, symbols & synchronicities. When I need to make a decision, I tune into myself to feel/see/hear what are the most aligned paths for me to take.

I give myself permission to feel deeply and be so radically honest with myself that I’m able to be so connected and in alignment to my truth, all that surrounds me, and the universe at large.

And this is why I’ve created Oracle. An 8-week journey to reclaim the intuitive woman within, so that you can see with clarity, speak with confidence, and stand in trust.

So you can live a deeply fulfilling and peaceful life where you feel playful, free and fully trust yourself — and no longer feel trapped by other people’s expectations of you.

A life where YOU are so connected to your inner wisdom and the messages of the universe, that every decision you make becomes easy and clear.

oracle is for you if...
  • You’re done with getting swept up in old ways & patterns, and avoiding situations — and you’re ready to face them boldly. 
  • You’re curious to play & explore with the connection between the seen & unseen worlds.
  • You want to build a set of tools to help you during times that you feel stuck, confused, and lost.
  • You consider yourself to be a retired/ing people-pleaser.
  • You have a hard time making decisions and have a deep desire to feel clear and unwavering within your body when decision making.
  • You want to experience a grounded and practical approach to the woo-woo side of your life.
  • You’re done letting the witch wound run your life and hiding your intuitive gifts. 

By the end of Oracle you will...

  • Experience a newfound mental freedom — and a deeper innerstanding of the wisdom held within you.
  • Be able to communicate with energy, and to receive clear and meaningful messages.
  • Feel more connected to yourself, your inner world & the universe at large.
  • Be more comfortable being in the mystery of transformative times.
  • Make decisions independently and will stop looking for validation/encouragement from others.
  • Trust yourself to make both small decisions like what to order at the restaurant as much as the big decisions like moving to another country.
  • Know the difference between intuitive insights & anxiety.
aha moments from past clients

"I finally understand what the universe has been trying to communicate to me!"

"I followed my intuition: I got into university & out of a toxic relationship and now my music career is booming."

"I was always told that I was intuitive, but I never understood what they meant... 
Now I do."

Humble brags

Alumni sharing their experiences

“Rebecca was able to create a warm space and environment for us to explore our intuition individually and collectively. She provides the basic framework to feel comfortable enough to explore the wonders of your intuition and what it can give to yourself and what it can give others.” 

— Lisa Curtis

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

What you will be experiencing

A grounded yet incredibly empowering & transformative experience.
phase 1 — Connecting to the universe

An introduction to how energy works, how to communicate with the universe, a guided meditation and daily practices to support your connection to all that is beyond the veil. This will help prepare you to become a grounded yet open vessel to receive messages both for yourself and for others.

phase 2 — universal language

Diving in a little deeper to innerstand the signs, symbols, and mirrors that the universe sends us — in it’s attempt to communicate a very specific message to us. During these 2 classes we will decode both the internal (emotions) and externals (synchronicities) signs that we receive so that life is happening for us and not TO us.

phase 3 — Divination

Exploring the world of archetypes, numerology, tarot/oracle cards and other divination tools to help us access yet another layer of understanding and have a deeper, more specific perspective of the messages being communicated to us.

phase 4 — Working with Spirit

Connect to beings beyond the physical plane so that you can experience the full spectrum of being human. In the final two weeks you will become more aware of energy so you can understand what is (and is not) yours. You will learn that we’re not alone in this world and that we have a team on the other side

You deserve to see things with clarity.

Your 8-week journey starts here:

8 weekly classes on Zoom (2 hours)

Program will begin May 29, 2024 and calls will be every Wednesday from 7-9pm EST. An intimate program with only 12 spots available. Attendance is mandatory due to live nature of Intuitive Development exercises.

On-going support via Telegram

Private community for Oracle students to connect and share witchy experiences and sign interpretations in-between calls.

Tons of energetic practices

Supportive tools to empower you and help you stay connected to your center, including lifetime access to Awaken & Align course ($55 value)


Your investment options


One Payment of $777

Early bird pricing available until May 24, 2024 at 11:59pm EST.

Regular pricing: $888 (available until doors close May 28)

Payment Plan

Two Monthly Payments of $389

The subscription will be cancelled after the 2nd payment has been made.

it's a magical journey where you shift from...

Second-guessing → Clear, confident, and ready

Insecure & doubting → Trusting yourself

Confused & scattered → Relaxed mind & body

humble brags

A taste of the magic
past clients have experienced

Ready to tap into your magic and become an oracle?