A 6-week roadmap to magnetize
your deepest desires into your physical reality.
manifest is here to help you...

Laser focus your manifestation skills to attract the relationship, job, home and lifestyle you’ve always been dreaming of.

Activate your abundance mindset so that you can let go of the subconscious voices of scarcity and lack

Stop being wishy washy about what you want in your life and confidently claim your desires to attract them at quantum speed

Reprogram the way you interact and respond to your inner and outer world

What will you be experiencing

A thorough manifestation process that actually works.
1 — Introduction to manifestation

Before diving into the alchemy we need to understand the principles, ecosystems and the energetics of how dreams are made manifest.

2 — Connect to your higher purpose

The simplest way to manifest is through what is in true resonance with our heart and soul. Our purpose is like our innate compass, guiding us to live in the highest vibration with intention and focus.

3 — Rebirthing process

In order to make space and welcome in the new, we must first honour the sacred energetic and emotional processes that we move through that signal the release of the old. This understanding will leave you feeling fully equipped and reassured the next time that all shit hits the fan.

4 — Identifying energetic blocks

There are many reasons why in the past we haven’t been able to manifest with ease and laser focus. In this module we dive into bringing our awareness to what lower frequency energies, emotions, stories and beliefs are lingering and how to gently release them.

5 — Reprogramming & clearing

To step into higher energetic alignment, we must approach how we interact and respond to our inner and outer world differently. We do so by clearing out old toxic masculine behaviours and replacing them with healthy and safe responses anchored in divine feminine energy.

6 — Embodied manifestation

We must not only talk the talk, we must also walk the walk. To solidify all of our learning and healing work, we need to consistently take aligned actions through fun and high vibration exercises to magnetise our deepest desires to us at quantum speed.

The details

1️⃣ Program begins the week of June 5th.
2️⃣ The reoccurring day & time of the calls will be unanimously chosen.
3️⃣ Private community for Manifest program students. 
4️⃣ Dozens of energetic practices & supportive tools to empower you. 
5️⃣ Lifetime access to the course recordings.
6️⃣ This program is based off my learnings from the Quantum Manifestation Coaching Certification with Aluna Academy.

Important details
  • Only 10 spots available
  • Doors are open for enrollment until June 4, 2022 at 11:59PM EST.
  • Weekly video calls take place via Zoom.
  • Recordings will be available for all calls. 
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humble brags

A taste of the magic
past clients have experienced

11Martina Buchal

“Rebecca’s support always helps me reconnect with my own inner resources, positivity and strength, empowering me to be the best version of myself. She’s opened up a connection to my inner self and the universe at large that I can’t thank her enough for.

— Martina B.
11Fanny V.

“Rebecca gave me the tools I needed to better manage my anxiety but most importantly — she helped me broaden and improve my sense of acceptance and resilience.

— Fanny V.

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