Intuitive empowerment membership for empaths

Your intuition guided you here.

The Coven membership is a monthly subscription where empaths unite to explore their sensitivities in a safe and supportive environment — surrounded by other like-hearted empaths.

We meet every 2nd week to awaken & deepen our connection with our intuition, to play and exercise our natural superpowers. 

Psychic abilities are not “special” however — every single person has a 6th sense. It’s also known as intuition, gut feelings or an inner knowing.

The only prerequisite to tap into it is a curiosity to open your mind and feel deeper.

The real question is — are you ready to embrace & explore your innate magic as an empath?

What you'll experience

Learn to listen and trust your intuition to confidently make the decisions that shape your life. 

Strengthen your connection to the universe to receive guidance and messages. 

Navigate from a place of uncertainty to one of clarity and knowing

Create strong bonds with other like-minded & hearted empaths. 

Membership details

Who is this for?

If you’re curious to learn how to intentionally connect to your intuition and strengthen your relationship to the energy world to provide readings for yourself and others, this is the membership for you.

What’s the schedule?

Each month there will be 2 two-hour intuitive development classes. One in a weekday evening and another on a weekend morning, to support all different kinds of schedules and time zones. You will know the upcoming class dates ~1 month ahead of time. 

I’ve never done this before, can I still join?

These classes are for all levels — no previous experience needed, but an open mind is required. 

I’ve taken these classes many times before, is this too beginner for me?

Sometimes it’s important to refresh our foundations and maybe even try to open up new pathways to other clairs! There’s always something to learn.

But if you want a good challenge or to really dive deeper into your practice, check out the Oracle program.

What will each class entail?

In each class we will practice different exercises, tailored to the inspirations/needs of the day.

I can’t make it to one of the classes, will there be recordings?

These are live workshop-style classes that will be taking place on Zoom and due to the hands-on nature of the 1:1 readings amongst the attendees, no recordings will be available.

How does the payment system work?

You will be automatically charged every month until you decide to unsubscribe, at which point you will no longer have access to the classes. You may unsubscribe or rejoin at any time! 

upcoming class dates

Saturday, June 22 at 9am EDT

Wednesday, July 3 at 7pm EDT

Sunday, July 14 at 9am EDT

Join The Coven

Subscription Membership


⭐️ The first 10 people to join have the opportunity to access the VIP price of $44/mo! ⭐️

For the month of June, join the early-adopters for $55/mo.

Starting in July, the regular price will be $66/mo. 

Have some questions or concerns?

Send me a DM on Instagram or send me an email!