11Cosmic Connection
Awaken your innate intuitive abilities and
learn to decipher the signs from the universe.

The universe guided you here.

Have you ever noticed the universe trying to send you a sign?

Maybe it’s through repeating numbers, or you’ve noticed a lot of coincidences synchronicities popping up?

But you’re not sure what it’s actually trying to say and it’s only left you feeling frustrated and confused?

Know that you’re not going crazy or making things up.

The universe speaks it’s own unique language of symbolism and metaphors.

It’s constantly communicating with us and trying to guide us, but we get so in our head and take things at face value — so we often miss the underlying messages.

What if you could learn to speak the same language so you can decipher those messages with clarity and ease?

What if you could connect to not only your inner wisdom, but the universal consciousness to help guide you during those uncomfortable times of growth?

What if you could amplify your inner knowing, so you could make decisions with certainty and speak your truth instead of looking for external validation?

Know that this is all 100% possible.

Not only do I co-create my life in these ways with the universe every day but I’ve also guided hundreds of people over the last 6 years on how to do it for themselves.

We’re ALL able to connect and communicate with the universe, energy, and spirits — the only requirement is an open mind.

The Cosmic Connection is a magical and intimate space where you’ll get to play, explore and discover the wonders of the universe through your innate intuitive abilities.


Are you ready to join cosmic forces with the universe?
cosmic connection is here to help you...
  • Create a strong connection with your intuition so you can feel confident in your internal experiences and in the choices you make.
  • Master the language of the universe so you can decipher messages & signs with clarity and ease.
  • Learn how to connect and communicate with energy so you can feel comfortable in giving intuitive readings.
  • Strengthen your bond with both your inner & outer worlds to widen your perspective on your life’s events to see them from new angles.

What to expect

I’m committed to creating a safe, fun and supportive space for you throughout the weekend of November 5-6.

This is an introductory course, and the only prerequisite is an open mind. 

Day 1: Saturday, November 5
10-12pm EDT — Foundations of connecting to energy
1-3pm EDT — Intuitive Development (beginner)

Day 2: Sunday, November 6
10-12pm EST — Master the language of the universe (symbols, numerology, archetypes)
1-3pm EST — Intuitive Development (intermediate)

The classes will take place on Zoom, and your video must be on in order to participate in the intuitive development classes.

Attendance is mandatory, but you will have access to the theory lesson recordings for 90 days, but the intuitive development sessions will not be recorded. 

Important details
  • Doors are enrollment are open until November 4, 2022 at 11:59PM EST.

Ready to uncover your magic?

aha moments from past clients

"I finally unders tand what the universe has been trying to communicate to me!"

"I was always told that I was intuitive, but I never understood what they meant... 
Now I do."

Humble brags

Alumni sharing their experiences

“Rebecca was able to create a warm space and environment for us to explore our intuition individually and collectively. She provides the basic framework to feel comfortable enough to explore the wonders of your intuition and what it can give to yourself and what it can give others.” 

— Lisa Curtis

11Intuitive Development
11Intuitive Development
Enrollment Closed

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humble brags

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