Clearing the Channel
The masterclass

Awakening of the physical as a gateway to the spiritual.

How can you trust your gut feelings if your gut is filled with 🪱 parasites, 🦠 heavy metals, and literal 💩 junk?

In April 2024, my boyfriend and I committed to doing a really deep cleanse — a 10-day water fast and hydro-colonic cleanse to be exact. It ended up being a total portal, something that felt like it’s own kind of medicine ceremony. It was the toughest experience either of us have ever done, and I want to share with you my learnings. 

I am no health expert and I am NOT here to tell you what your body needs or what cleanse you should do. I am here to help you connect to your intuition so that you can get the answers yourself. 

My intention behind doing the cleanse was to clear the channel — in support of deepening my commitment to my life’s work, magic, and spiritual journey. To become the clearest channel I ever have been, by removing the parasites, heavy metals, and junk that’s been living in my body my entire life.

And well you know, literally feeding on my life-force energy.

I wouldn’t call myself a chronic-cleanser either. I only commit myself my doing cleanses I get fed up of the symptoms that my body experiences that fog up my vision, scatter my mind, slow me down, and confuse my heart. 

In this masterclass I share…

1 — TMI on my experiences and how I made my decision to do cleanses

2 — What I’ve learned from doing cleanses (think: bigger picture)

3 — A guided meditation to check-in with your body to see what it truly needs

My overall intention for this masterclass is that you get some clarity & intuitive guidance on what your next step is

I hope it’s helpful for you!

This masterclass is for you if...

1 — You’ve been feeling the call to do a cleanse/detox or any kind of body healing work

2 — Having a hard time committing to prioritize taking deeper care of yourself

3 — You’ve been second-guessing yourself in making a challenging decision

what you'll experience in clearing the channel

Get some clarity on what your next step is

Strengthen lines of communication between you & your intuition

Learn to trust your body’s wisdom

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