The guide to 30-days of dating yourself

Unlearn who the world told you to be
& remember who the fuck you are.

Reconnect with yourself

What if you could finally put an end to the people-pleasing and self-sabotaging that keeps you on an emotional rollercoaster?

What would your life look like? What would you do differently? 

Maybe you would…

  • Ask for that raise at work. 
  • Finally take that dream vacation.
  • Stop spending time with people who drain your energy. 
  • Take yourself out to that restaurant that you’ve been dying to try.
  • Start listening to your body’s hunches and following the signs & synchronicities from the universe.

This is why I created Awaken & Align — a 30-day guide to remember who the fuck you are.

It’s an opportunity to create strong foundations to take better care of yourself, to create healthier behaviours and self-love routines, and to nourish yourself from the inside out.

So that you can: wake up every morning energized; move through your day feeling focused and fulfilled; and be open and ready to handle all of life’s surprises. 

It all begins with creating a healthier relationship with no one other than yourself.

The Rising by The Visionaries and Rebecca Leanna
Envision 30 days of…
  • Self-discovery — so that you can respond to life’s opportunities with a fuck yes or a hell no… no wavering or indecision. 
  • Tuning inward to listen to your body — so that you can reawaken your inner power that has been lying dormant.
  • Prioritizing yourself — so you can remember how fucking valuable you truly are.
  • Playing and expressing yourself in new ways — so that you can tap back into your joy and clear out what’s been holding you back.
  • Trusting yourself — so that you can take those big bold steps with ease, confidence, and knowing.

The inspiration 

I first created the #30daysofdatingmyself challenge in November 2014. I was fresh out of a stagnant 6-year relationship, was hiding my spiritual experiences from the world, and my people pleasing tendencies were on full blast.

Deep down I was unsatisfied with the status quo, wanted to break free of my own mold, and had a hunger to experience life in new ways — I was honestly just so tired of my own shit, so I decided to date myself to rediscover who I really was after too many years of walking around with my eyes closed. 

The challenge was so powerful that I’ve run it 6 times: in increments of 30 days, 90 days, and 9 months. I have since spent a total of 18 months openly dating myself. Each time, I came out feeling like a more real and authentic version of myself. 

I moved from…

  • Attached and clingy ➡️ wild and free
  • Feeling like I had no control ➡️ trusting myself no matter what happened
  • A crash and burn lifestyle ➡️ a healthy balance of growth, adventure & rest
  • Being at the bottom of my list of priorities ➡️ being at the top (the majority of the time!)
  • Staying “safe” ➡️ doing what I felt was right for me

My life has done a 180 degree turn in the best possible ways by following the core practices that I share in this guide. I feel so comfortable and confident with my personal experiences and years of learnings, that I am so excited for it to guide you through your own personal awakening. 

Rebecca Leanna Adel
i'm ready!

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Challenge breakdown

Awaken & Align is a 30-day guide filled with supportive material. 

Week 1: Physical body — master your avatar to feel nourished & healthy
Week 2: Mental body — find focus even amongst chaos
Week 3: Emotional body — befriend your feelings instead of fighting them
Week 4: Spiritual body — reconnect to the magic that is all around and inside of you
Week 5: Universal experience — create a wholistic balanced lifestyle during life’s ebbs & flows

What’s included?

1️⃣ 30-day guide on Notion
2️⃣ Life-long access (with updates!)
3️⃣ 5 guided meditations
4️⃣ Worksheets & journaling prompts
5️⃣ Hundreds of tools & resources

Please note: You do not need to be “single” by any means in order to take part in this experience.

humble brags

A taste of the magic
past clients have experienced

Genevieve M

“I’m so glad that I got to be a part of the #30daysofdatingmyself challenge – it helped me find the confidence to fully express myself. Expressing myself vocally had been a major blockage in my life for the past few years and working with Rebecca really allowed me to set myself free on so many levels.”

— Geneviève M.

“Registering to Awaken & Align with Rebecca was such a nice gift I gave myself! Through her coaching, the ideas and tools she provided, I was able to deepen my connection with my inner self and witness more positive changes manifest in my life.”

— Faïza B.
Jess A

“After experiencing Awaken & Align, not only did I become a more confident, independent, and strong person, but I learned to better support myself. It felt like the universe suddenly started to support and guide me in a whole new way as well.”

— Jess A.