Reveal the deeper meanings of your life’s events so you can move through times of growth with clarity & trust.

i will guide you to…

Tune into your intuition.
Trust your decisions.
Step into your power.
Manifest the life you've always dreamt of.

rebirth journey | group program
11The Rising Woman
11The Rising Woman

Reclaim your power, desires, and
take radical responsibility for your life.

11The Rising Woman



free Grounding & protection meditation

My most valuable ritual

As you begin your spiritual journey it’s easy to get tangled up in other people’s energy. Use this grounding & protection meditation to re-center yourself and deepen your connection with your energy field.

The magic is real

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I spent the first 24 years of my life ignoring my intuition, my mediumship and my clairvoyance — I thought I was just making shit up and none of it was real.

Today, that same magic inspires and directs every decision I make. 

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Sacred Offerings

11The Rising Woman

The Rising Woman

group program

Reclaim your power, desires, and take radical responsibility for your life.

11Grand Rising

Awaken & Align

self-guided journey

Unlearn who the world told you to be and remember who the fuck you are. 

111:1 Spiritual Coaching


1:1 experience

Sovereignty, growth & expansion.



Group Program

A 6-week roadmap to magnetize your deepest desires into your physical reality.

Humble brags

11Patricia M.

“I have been working with Rebecca for a few years now. From intuitive readings to retreats and then through her group coaching program. I love working with her — every session is extremely transforming. Rebecca helped me through my spiritual journey and contributed massively to helping me release my past traumas. She creates a safe space to open and be vulnerable. Working with her definitely helped me heal & grow.”

— Patricia M.
11Jade N.

“I am so grateful that I decided to invest in myself and my future by signing up to work with Rebecca. I was in a place in my life where I was lacking confidence in myself and my abilities. My magical 1:1 time with Rebecca gave me the tools to trust in my intuition. It continues to show me that the answers that I seek are within and around me if I take the time and do the work to listen.

— Jade N.
11Lisa Curtis, Reiki Master

“Working with Rebecca was transformative. I started working with her 1:1 when I was burnt out, anxiety-ridden, and asking for help for the first time. With compassion and spiritual wisdom, Rebecca helped me uncover the limiting beliefs and root causes of my struggle, which led to discovering more about myself than I could have ever imagined. The hard work was worth it and the breakthroughs were eye-opening.”

— Lisa C.
11Awaken & Align
30 days of dating yourself

Unlearn who the world told you to be &
remember who the fuck you are.

Reclaiming the Power of Intuition

Rebecca is a proud co-author of the incredibly powerful book, Isis Mother of Magic that is an international #1 best seller on Amazon. 

The book tells the healing stories of modern goddesses and their unique expression of love, healing, power & grace during the labor pains of the emerging Golden Age.

11Isis Mother of Magic Book

What would it feel like to
trust yourself?

To finally make decisions
that align with your heart
even though it's scary as hell?